Every medical science is only complete with the inclusion of medicaments. Infact the medicaments are the weapons of the Physician which when equipped will give a large capability to fight against the diseases. But simply possessing a medicament doesn’t increase the capability of the physician, it should be properly understood as how it acts, where it acts, when it acts, etc along with what is the best way to use it. In short he should………CONTINUE READING


Health is one of the basic necessity of every living organism on earth. Plants, animals and all others device their own different ways to device different methods to remain healthy. Humans being the most intelligent among the lot also do have formulated methods too to remain healthy and also to ward off diseases. This methods are known as the medical systems and the components of this is the physician, medicine, patient’s attendant and patient himself……….CONTINUE READING


Ayurveda the science that originated with the dawn of creation of living organisms on earth. It is believed that it was present but eventually only remembered for the betterment of human lives when it was actually needed by Lord Brahma who then taught his son Daksha Prajapati. He in turn passed on to Ashwini Kumaras who turned out to be Celestial physicians. There are many stories regarding their skills and treatments done to different people………CONTINUE READING


Immunity or Vyadhikshamatva as told in Ayurveda is one of the important concept that is being of wider interest today. Basically, immunity is the ability of the body to resist any infection or allergen or toxin by the help of specific cells like WBC or components of the body like antibodies. This concept is not new as it had been mentioned in the science of Ayurveda long ago.  This is termed as ‘VYADHIKSHAMATVA’ in Ayurveda………CONTINUE READING


Living in good health has been a most desired life by every living being on earth may it be plants, animals and even human beings. To achieve this goal we human beings have tried our level best in formulating various means and methods that are unique to the region, environment, needs, diseases and even cultural requirements. Such means and methodologies that were adopted by us to cater the needs of health came to be known………CONTINUE READING