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Ayurveda, born in ancient India, practiced and enriched by its sages is a boon to the mankind. It not only cures the ailments with formulations derived from hundreds medicinal plants, also provides holistic healthcare available in nature.

Ayurveda literature were basically written in Sanskrit language, hence the terminologies are encrypted may not be well translated in the modern day literature. The knowledge embedded in ancient literature have to be unearthed and decoded to understand the existing primary concepts in order to develop newer secondary concepts.Mahesh T S


Dr. Mahesh, MD(Ayu), PhD, being a Doctorate in Ayurveda all along his extensive clinical and teaching experience found that the ambiguity in the literature is hindering the further research and development of newer products and formulations.

Ayursoln is a one stop site of Dr Mahesh to provide the knowledge bank solutions of Ayurveda which is customized as per your requirement of products in a most comprehensive and digitized manner. His exposure to the management studies has helped him to provide the solutions to companies for understanding, digitizing and propagating the system of Ancient Ayurveda.

At Ayursoln – Ayurveda knowledge bank solutions, we provide analog solutions in the form of literature references to authenticate claims and the best and precise, customized data of Ayurveda in a Digital Format.

Our experts help to perform research for new formulations and improvise the existing medications with their vast knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and methodologies. We also provide detailed dossier with authentic references from the Ayurveda literature.

We also have a range of Authentic formulas for cosmetics and other healthcare products which can be customized according to your requirements.

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