Root of Apamarga

The plant APAMARGA is a plant that has found a very profuse use in Ayurveda. The ash that results from completely burning the plant is a good source of Potash which is also useful as a Kshara (Alkali) in the treatments or formulations in Ayurveda. The plant finds its place as one of the important Shirovirechaneeya (Nasal errhine or snuff) substance. The leaves are taken as food in place of Spinach at Tanzania while the roots are cooked and used along with cereals, wine and other food substances in China and Vietnam. An interesting thing is the alkali obtained from the plant is used internally to treat many GI diseases like Arsha (Haemorrhoids) in Ayurveda. 

The details and the description is available in the page with the title APAMARGA in a very elaborate manner under the Know your medicinal plants section. The video which emphasises on the various aspects of the plant especially with respect to its cultivation and its characteristics for identification such that they are preserved for the future generations. Thus, a short and a crisp video is being attached here. This is one among the series of videos that are about to follow regarding medicinal plants with the same objective. Hence there are much more to follow. Hope you all will like it. If yes kindly subscribe and follow our videos in our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. You can also follow at Facebook and in LINKEDIN. Do like it there too and follow us to get many videos of Ayurveda too. Thank you and Happy reading !!!!!!!!!!


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