A traditional Medical Science of India, ‘AYURVEDA’ has been a major field catering the health needs of the nation for centuries. Its fame was widespread and had influenced many thinkers of the time. Even today, it is having a considerable influence on the health system of India. Do you know, that the writer of the book SUSHRUTA SAMHITA is regarded as the Father of Surgery by medical sciences? Yes, you read it right. He is the father of Surgery even till date (Singh V. Sushruta: The father of surgery. Natl J Maxillofac Surg. 2017;8(1):1-3. doi:10.4103/njms.NJMS_33_17). This makes us the lovers of Ayurveda proud isn’t it? Well Ayurveda is much more than that. It is a holistic system and its basic concepts have been standing firm throughout the ups and downs of time.


For the purpose of catering all types of diseases that exist, the system had devised 8 branches in the past. These 8 Branches of  Ayurveda are as below:

  1. Kayachikitsa – General Medicine
  2. Bala chikitsa – Pediatrics and OBG
  3. Griha Chikitsa – Astromedicine
  4. Urdwanga – ENT & EYE
  5. Shalya – Surgery
  6. Damstra – Toxicology
  7. Jara – Geriatrics
  8. Vrisha – Sexology

Today, these branches have been further divided due to inclusion of newer knowledge and technical knowhow. These are like Balachikitsa is bifurcated into Prasuti tantra and Kaumarabhritya. 

The equivalent branch of modern medicine is only for the easy understanding of the readers. But the branch of Ayurveda is not restricted to the functions and scope of the equivalent branch. It is much more than that with many other branches that is present today. It is also possess certain techniques like plastic surgery, orthopaedic treatment modalities, etc in these branches. It is thus regarded as a complete and holistic science as its concepts have been true even after many centuries.

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