Icon made by Flat Icons from Every science is developed from the basic concepts which is true in Ayurveda too. Among many concepts, the very basic concept from which the system of Ayurveda is greatly influenced and developed is the concept of Shadpadartha. This is taken from the vedic related philosophies popularly known as Shaddarshana as they are 6 in number. They are rearranged such that it fulfils the objectives of the science. These………CONTINUE READING


Icon made by Flat Icons from Food is an important part of everyone’s life. It is an undisputable factor that helps to develop, grow and sustain our lives. But the same can be the one that retard our growth and destroy our lives also. Thus, it is like a double edged sword that can be beneficial in slaying down the enemies when used properly but the same can slay us if we don’t know………CONTINUE READING


Icon made by Flat Icons from Food is the integral part of every living organism that is present in our biosphere. It is the fuel that is required for the growth, development and also provide the necessary energy to carry out various functions of our body. Hence, it is quite obvious that we need to know as how to take food, when to take our food and what to take in our food. This………CONTINUE READING


Icons made by Eucalyp from Life is a set of various events that help in evolution of every human being. Even though we don’t have control over many happenings, there is ample of opportunities that one can come across. It is this life system that we need to understand and live with full enthusiasm. The more we live in it lively, we become more active and enjoy it completely. Everyone’s life is a different………CONTINUE READING


The plant APAMARGA is a plant that has found a very profuse use in Ayurveda. The ash that results from completely burning the plant is a good source of Potash which is also useful as a Kshara (Alkali) in the treatments or formulations in Ayurveda. The plant finds its place as one of the important Shirovirechaneeya (Nasal errhine or snuff) substance. The leaves are taken as food in place of Spinach at Tanzania while the………CONTINUE READING


The plant AMALAKI is a tree which has a diversified use not only in Ayurveda but as a nutraceutical also. The fruits of the tree is used in varied formulations and food preparations that it is considered as the step mother of humanity. Hence it is called by the name “DHATRI” in the Ayurvedic texts. The most famous formulation of Ayurveda that has the fruits of Amalaki as the major ingredient is the CHYAVANAPRASHA. Moreover,………CONTINUE READING


The plant AHIPHENA or GASGASE as it is commonly known in Kannada is an annual plant from which the exudate are obtained from the raw fruit. This exudate is known as OPIUM or Aphim. This is classified as a narcotic drug as it has the capacity to produce hallucinations along with addictions. In Ayurveda, this plant is only employed after its mention in the later Nighantus especially the Madanapala Nighantu. But this has been used………CONTINUE READING


The Dravya are the substances that have the utility as a medicine or food or even used for the purpose of tying around the body parts. It can be from any origin like plant, animal or even the mineral origins. The substances of any origin do have certain characteristics which we say as Properties. These properties are the inherent characters that give the address or identification of the substance. Not only this these properties are infact………CONTINUE READING


The plant Agnimantha or Arani as it is commonly known in Kannada is a tree that is commonly used in many preparations of Ayurveda. It is known as Wind Killer in English. The interesting part here is that the woods of the plant were used for to generate fire by rubbing against each other in the past. This is procedure is also in practice even today in certain rituals of Hindus. Medicinally, it is the………CONTINUE READING


The plant Aguru or Agaru commonly known as Eagle wood or Agar wood is a very important plant that has great medicinal and commercial value. Especially, the volatile oil which is present in the heart wood and is of great commercial value. They are commonly seen in the cosmetic and perfumery industry. The heart wood is the usable part for medicinal purposes including in Ayurveda. This has made it to deplete considerably in its natural………CONTINUE READING