The properties that are useful for carrying out our daily activities in a smooth manner are grouped into Paradi Guna. These set of properties are named so because the first property in the list is ‘Para’. They are more useful in deciding various parameters that are useful in our daily activities. They help to ascertain the quality, quantity and also to ensure the limits of our activities. The properties are 10 in number and is enlisted by Charaka in the first chapter of the text CHARAKA SAMHITA. These properties are responsible for easy and well coordinated execution of activities especially the treatment modalities. 


परापरत्वे युक्तिश्च संख्या संयोग एव च । विभागश्च पृथक्त्वं च परिमाणमथापि च ।।संस्कारोऽभ्यास इत्येते प्रोक्तः परादयः । सिद्धिरुपायचिकित्सायां लक्षणैस्तान् प्रचक्ष्महे ।। (च.स.सू. 1)

The 10 properties that are said in the reference above are those which belong to Paradi Gunas. These are as listed below:

  1. पर – Para – Favourable or Superior
  2. अपर – Apara – Unfavourable or Inferior
  3. युक्ति – Yukti – Intellect
  4. संख्य – Sankhya – Numbers
  5. संयोग – Samyoga – Combination
  6. विभाग – Vibhaga – Separation
  7. पृथक्त्ब – Prithaktwa – Distinguish
  8. परिमाण – Parimana – Measure
  9. संस्कार – Samskara – Process
  10. अभ्यास – Abhyasa – Habit

These 10 properties are useful for planning a treatment modality. It is also useful in our daily routine activities. Hence it is also known by the name SAMANYA GUNA. The properties are not present in any of the substances as inherent qualities. Just like any other property, it also doesn’t produce any of the actions. But they are instrumental in the manifestation of the actions. This is because they determine the environment required for the action. So, they have a prominent place in ascertaining a drug action. As a result, these properties form the ASAMAVAYA KARANA or SEPARABLE CAUSES for the manifestation of drug action. The action may be within the body or any other that are concerned with the routine activities as well.

Even in the context of planning a treatment, these properties play a very important role. The properties like Yukti, Samyoga, Samskara, etc are instrumental to have a successful treatment. They help in planning, collecting and executing different treatment modalities. Here the planning includes right from the examination, diagnosis and understanding of the condition. The collecting activity in treatment includes choice of medicament or treatment. Lastly executing includes the complete performance of the process of treatment. It also aids in understanding a better choice of modalities too. Thus helping in the success of a treatment process.


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