Healthy Ayurveda

Health is one of the basic necessity of every living organism on earth. Plants, animals and all others device their own different ways to device different methods to remain healthy. Humans being the most intelligent among the lot also do have formulated methods too to remain healthy and also to ward off diseases. This methods are known as the medical systems and the components of this is the physician, medicine, patient’s attendant and patient himself. In Ayurveda too this is accepted beyond doubt. Now what is health? and how do we understand that we are healthy?????

Ayurveda gives a clear definition of health which includes, body, mind, soul and even our social obligations. Its understanding emphasizes on what and how to achieve through the modalities that has been described in Ayurveda. The perfect combination of the body, mind and soul will result in proper perception, proper functioning both physiologically and psychologically which paves the way for the realisation of spiritual elevation. Fulfilling our social obligations also play a vital role in this. This is due to the fact that when we do that in a proper way we not only elevate ourselves psychologically by obtaining peace of mind but also spiritually. The spiritual elevation is the main goal of Ayurveda for which health is a most needed factor. 

The present video is a summarised presentation of what is the concept of health in Ayurveda. The video is one among the series of information that is for the general public to create awareness about this great ancient system of medicine that will be published by There are much more to follow like the previous ones. Hope you all will like it. If yes kindly subscribe and follow our videos in our YOUTUBE CHANNEL at You can also follow at Facebook at Do like it there too and follow us to get many videos of Ayurveda too. Thank you and Happy reading !!!!!!!!!!


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