Ayurveda provides holistic healthcare and well-being with medication and therapies for almost every ailment known to mankind. This includes conditions like asthma, arthritis, etc which are most challenging to modern medicine.

Ayurveda is not only the doctrine of medical treatment but also a guide for a healthy living.

The treatments in Ayurvedic medicine are not provided for the disease itself, unlike modern medicine. Instead, they are specific to every individual according to his tri-doshas (vatha, pitta, kapha), which govern the internal health of the body.

This when followed with strict diet regimen, will not only cure the patient but also bring balance in the tri-doshas, improves the immunity, thus ensuring holistic health.

Experience Authentic Ayurveda treatment and Yoga therapies for your ailments from trained professionals at our Health Center.

Our partner, “Vijayashree Chikitsalaya”, are specialized in treatments with all procedures in line with the authentic texts of Ayurveda. Some treatments available are:

  • Panchakarma
  • Nashyakarma
  • Shirodhaara
  • Medicated Steam bath
  • Yoga & Meditation

Treatments are customized for every patient after detailed analysis of ailments to ensure healing and immunity towards the disease itself keeping patient’s comfort at first priority. For this we also have facility of Online consultation to keep in touch with our patients.

Trained Yoga professionals perform Yoga therapies for different ailments such as chronic back pain and other disorders induced by modern lifestyle. They also conduct meditation sessions to ensure perfect mental balance which quickens the healing and enhances spiritual well-being of the patients.

The center has unique boarding facilities with arrangements for self cooking so as to provide the food of their choice even though restricted as per the principles of diet regimen in accordance to the disease. 

Further for spreading awareness and authentic knowledge of Ayurveda we have the facility of Online Classes and Weekend Talks which is open to all. Interested to avail it, you can register at the respective links here or in the menu.

So contact us today to have the best experience of authentic Ayurveda treatment with healthy diet and improvement of lifestyle so as to achieve complete holistic health and a new rejuvenated life. Contact