Plants are the indispensable part of our lives right from the dawn of our existence on earth. They play a vital role in the management of all our needs right from our birth and even after our death. Among the various needs, the food, clothing, and shelter form the basic needs. These needs are commonly derived from plants in many places even today. Everyone is aware of the fact that the plants give sufficient materials as nutrition which we take as foods. It also gives materials that we use either in building or beautifying our dwelling. But we should be aware that they are also useful for medicinal purposes.

Today medicines are either derivatives that are either from plants or a chemical that is similar to the phytochemicals present in them. Here, the plants are used as a whole or as extracts to produce different medications. But as the synthetic medicines are producing harmful effects on the body, we have changed of attitude towards it. As a result, Thus we have again move towards our old friends ‘THE PLANTS” to cater our needs especially towards health.


Here we are presenting a brief video regarding ‘Introduction to the medicinal plants’ that enlightens its importance and the present status. It also briefs about the possible methods to improve its presence in the present scenario. The presentation also has a message to all regarding the general aspects of these plants, their impact on our lives. Save Environment, Save plants for future. Let us all join hands to have a healthy, safe and highly sustainable environment with protection to our flora that are already present along with means to propagate them such that they are saved from being lost into the tides of time. SAVE THE TREASURE OF MEDICINAL FLORA FOR FUTURE, SAVE OUR PLANET EARTH.

The video is one among the series of information for those who want to know more about the different plants that have been used for various medicinal purposes and are have found their place in the great ancient system of medicine Ayurveda. There are much more to follow. Hope you all will like it. If yes kindly subscribe and follow our videos in our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. You can also follow at Facebook and in LINKEDIN. Do like it there too and follow us to get many videos of Ayurveda too. Thank you and Happy reading !!!!!!!!!!


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