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Life is a set of various events that help in evolution of every human being. Even though we don’t have control over many happenings, there is ample of opportunities that one can come across. It is this life system that we need to understand and live with full enthusiasm. The more we live in it lively, we become more active and enjoy it completely. Everyone’s life is a different set of events and though interconnected to see a complex set, they are very much dependent on how we respond to the events and opportunities. Based on the different activities, events, opportunities and understanding, life has been divided into 4 types in Ayurveda.

As per Ayurveda, the four types of life consists of Hita-ayu (Glorious life), Ahita-ayu (Wretched life), Sukha-ayu (Comfortable life) and Dukha-ayu (Miserable life). These four are infact the broad classification that can be done to anyone’s life. A detailed description of the same is highlighted in the video that is attached below. It can be observed that each description is different from the other with respect to approach, understanding and performing of activities in life. It gives a perfect tool for self analysis and understanding as where we are and what is to be done to improve our lives (if needed) so as to achieve the stage of Hita-ayu (Glorious life). Ayurveda recommends everyone to reach the stage as that is the best one for the achievement of Moksha (Salvation).

Hence it is important to understand life, its types and also analyse it to devise a methodology for ourselves and evolve. As every one is different, so are the situations, opportunities and angle of approach. Thus, the methodology or tools for achieving the best lifestyle will also be a different one. With the understanding of the types of life, it is easier for one to know as where they stand and what is achievable. Take a look into the same and let us know your comments and feedback. Regards and Happy reading!!!!!!!!!


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