Knowledge is not a domain of a single individual, family, community, state or country. It is the resource for all the living beings to learn, understand and apply in their life when need arises. Ayurveda too is such a science. It is the one that came into existence for the betterment of mankind. Thus, it is our prime duty to provide the one who is in need of the knowledge in all possible ways.

Earlier, the knowledge was disseminated by orally repeating and memorizing the whole content. This was then replaced by writing method in different materials like leaves, tablets, papers. The papers and leaves were the ones that took the form of books or texts which is available in the form of manuscripts. It also became the medium of preserving the knowledge along with a very effective means of propagation. In the present age of Information Technology, it is quite obvious to aspire for a facility that helps one to get the knowledge in a place where it is of highest level of convenience. Thus, we at ayursoln have developed the method to provide online services to all those who aspire to have solutions to their health issues through our ONLINE CONSULTATION. Then for those who want to have a knowledge of Ayurveda and get acquainted to it, we have devised different courses (Short term and Long term) through our FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE CHANNEL and ONLINE CLASSES. The details are as described below:


The online consultation is a medium through which anyone can take an appointment with us and then have a one to one conversation with Dr. Mahesh T. S. an expert in Ayurveda for the various health issues for which the consultation is sought for. There is no necessity of uploading any documents in the same but can be sent to him directly through the Whatsapp or any other channel which you mutually agree with as per the convenience. You can also take appointments for the physical interview too in this but has to be reaching his clinic at least 5 minutes before the actual time of appointment.  The location of the clinic is at Moodbidri or Narikombu near B.C.Road of Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka State of India. For appointments do click the link HEALTH CONSULTATIONS and follow the instructions. Appointments can also be taken for holding consultations on various R & D projects on Ayurveda. Discuss about it and get to know about the viability of the project through his vast experience in dealing the same. To obtain appointments for the same, do click the link PROJECT CONSULTATION and follow the instructions. We are happy to collaborate and look forward for the same.


The online classes is a medium through which we try to disseminate the science of Ayurveda to those who aspire for it. This gives an idea of what Ayurveda is and what are the different components of Ayurveda so has to have a concrete idea about it. Moreover, it is at the convenience of being in the most comfortable area of the individual namely the house or where ever the person feels comfortable. The classes will be through the channels like facebook or youtube which will be notified accordingly. It may also be through some meeting apps like Microsoft teams, Zoom or Webex, the link of which will be shared to the registered members. To avail this opportunity do click the link ONLINE CLASS LIST below and then follow the instructions. If you want to here the experts and discuss with them regarding a particular topic on which the talk is delivered every weekend, then do click the link WEEKEND TALK below and then follow the instructions. On the contrary those who are unable to do it can also opt for self reading by using our ebooks present in our e-publications. Happy Reading and learning !!!!!!!!!