AYURSOLN is a site that is dedicated for the development and better understanding of Ayurveda. It is basically constituted to create awareness, propagate its proper understanding along with dissemination of the benefits that has in store and being enjoyed by the people of India from centuries. But due to rapid modernisation, its awareness has decreased considerably which is to be revived. Hence, with this main objective the site tries to bring in explanations that are authentic and easily understandable. This is achieved by the concept of Knowledge bank. 


A knowledge bank is a method of storing the information either online or offline that acts as the primary reservoir of the required knowledge along with making the desired information readily available as a derivative in a clear and authentic manner. It is either for public or for private use which depends on the objective for which it is created. It is basically useful in different aspects like product authentication, claims support, product development, etc where the reference of use or studies are a major requirement.

To cater these objectives in mind we have different services that are categorised into three namely 



Research and development are the basis for the grooming of any science, field, industry and all its affiliates. Ayurveda though a time-tested and an ancient science, has to be understood due to the changes in the different variables like environment, physical changes, lifestyles, etc. Moreover with the evolution of newer understanding, technical knowhow, it is quite important to understand as how to use the knowledge in a optimum level. Hence, the proper understanding of the concepts is very much necessary along with proper digitization and preservation.  

AYURSOLN is a site that is dedicated in the area for providing an authentic understanding of the knowledge present in various texts of Ayurveda. To achieve this we have three services under this namely 

  1. Conceptual Development
  2. Digital Solutions
  3. Product Research


Clinical treatment is the important aspect of the systems that deal with diseases and their management. Ayurveda, being one such field, it is an important arm of the science. Our facilities and associated affiliates, have been able to provide this facility to the masses in an around Moodbidri and Bantwal areas of Karnataka. We are happy to extend this facility to any one who needs it. The details of the same is detailed in the page Health Solutions. We have all the necessary facilities that are useful in catering the required treatments for curing the disease along with maintenance of health. We also offer online consultation services through our online channel provided under online service. Anyone who wants to avail has to primarily get registered in the website and then login to book an appointment and proceed with the consultation. To know more do …………..click here


The teaching service includes digital teaching which is only online in nature. We use the different platforms for meeting like the Microsoft teams, Zoom, etc for this purpose. Along with these we are also coming with different e-texts which can be bought by anyone by paying the price in the e-publication section. With respect to online classes, we presently offer courses which is detailed in the Online Classes page where you can also enrol yourself for the same. But like the online consultation, you need to get registered primarily in the website and then login to enrol yourself. It is the opportunity to get to know the basics and related knowledge of Ayurveda in a most comprehensive manner. …………..click here