Every business is better performed with a well managed know-how. Technology has traversed in every field such that there is nothing that is not being digitized. The digital format highly precise and customized to our needs is the excellent way to have the necessary data which will further steer the business to success.

Ayurveda literature were basically written in Sanskrit language, hence the terminologies are encrypted may not be well translated in the modern day literature. So it consumes a lot of time and efforts in getting the information which is required for your research.

We at Ayursoln provide you with the best and precise, customized data of Ayurveda in a digital format such that everything you require will be in your fingertips leading to ultimate utilization of time, space and efforts to find a relevant information of Ayurveda and boost your products that are in line with Ayurveda and provide authentication to it easily.

One such example is our Knowledge Bank application on Medicinal Plants, developed for a leading consumer goods manufacturer, with information of 30+ vital medicinal plants, their benefits, drug information and nomenclature along with detailed references from various texts.

We have also included ONLINE CONSULTATION and ONLINE CLASSES on Ayurveda. You can click the link ONLINE SERVICES in the menu or click the respective link here to go directly.

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