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Ayurveda, the oldest medical practice known to mankind believes in holistic approach and personalized medicine. Every individual is treated differently based on the body type along with the ailment. This paves way for wide spectrum of medications involving various herbs at a variable composition, treating chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, cancer, etc which are still challenging to Modern medicine.
Ayurvedic formulations are derived from the parts of herbs (like stem, root, leaves or pulp) or their derivatives like oil (tailam), ash (bhasma),etc. They need to combined in certain proportions under proper conditions in order to have the desired medical benefits. Since Ayurveda aims at providing total healthcare along with treatment there is still need for newer formulations which will protect and nurture good health.
At Ayursoln we understand the need for more research in identifying new formulations to facilitate improvement in overall health, provide immunity to various ailments and improve quality of life during this age of rampant pollution of environment.
Ayursoln also holds its own range of innovative formulas that can be customized to meet your market needs.

Custom Ayurvedic Formulations for cosmetics manufacturers, develop cosmetic formulations for compliant, safe and efficient Personal Care and Beauty products. Products that are free from chemicals like SLS and paraben provide sustainable care for the skin and hair which will protect from hazards of pollution and excessive chemicals. We also conduct different Experimental and clinical trials with the involvement of different institutions such that the testing and experimenting are authentic and as per the legal and ethical norms.

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