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Food is the integral part of every living organism that is present in our biosphere. It is the fuel that is required for the growth, development and also provide the necessary energy to carry out various functions of our body. Hence, it is quite obvious that we need to know as how to take food, when to take our food and what to take in our food. This has been described very elaborately in the science of Ayurveda for the benefit of every human being. The importance of this aspect is given in Ayurveda so much that the majority of description as examples for the different concepts are foods itself. The basic necessity for its description in such an elaborate manner is due to the fact that the food is the major cause for many diseases also. Wondering How???

As per Ayurveda, if the individual does know to take the food in a very judicious manner, keeping in mind the different dimensions of food and following the basics of eating, then it will lead to health. While the same food if not taken in a proper manner, then it will surely lead to many diseases. Moreover, Ayurveda do consider आहार (Aahara – Food) as one among the three major pillars of life along with निद्र (Nidra – Sleep) and अब्रह्मचर्य (Abrahmacharya – Chastity). This is due to the fact that all are having a great influence on the quality of life revolving around the individual. In Indian culture, the principles of Ayurveda are present not only in the practice of medicine but also in the lifestyle and culinary. But with the change from a Agriculture dominated economy to more sophisticated and corporate setups, the lifestyle, culinary has changed from the traditional cooking to more fast-food and easy cooking methods. Even the pattern of eating has changed drastically resulting in many lifestyle disorders. Hence it is necessary to understand the good eating habits and methods along with good and healthy food such that it becomes a tool to maintain our health rather than just fill our tummies. Thus with an elaborate description of the Aahara or food in many of the classical texts, the scholars of Ayurveda has been explaining that it is the food that is to be regulated. The regulation of the food will lead to the maintenance of health which is nothing but free from disease. 

Hence it is important to understand what food is to be taken and when to be taken- Moreover, it is also be considered what is to be takenin a particular given situation is the key in the maintenance of health.


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