Madanakameshwari Rasayana 150 /Chaturjataka Rasayana


Madankameshwari / Chaturjataka Rasayanam or MANSUTRAA is a classical formulation from Sahasra Yogam which was written in the year 1152AD that contains 1000+ Ayurvedic formulations addressing various conditions. The text Saharayogam is compiled from ancient manuscripts or palm leaves scattered across Kerala and other nearby areas that have been prepared and used by many Physicians of Ayurveda since ancient times. It is thus considered as an authentic text for the purpose of preparation, use and practice of Ayurvedic formulations even by Government of India. Hence, it acts as a guide for Ayurveda students, practitioner & manufacturers of medicine.

Madankameswari Rasayana was a well known Rejuvenation and Aphrodisiac formulation among practitioners of Kerala. But after the NDCP act of 1985, the formulation was not available in its original form due the presence of cannabis indica in the formulation.

With AYUSH ministry opening doors and bringing in regulatory process for medical cannabis, we are happy to bring the formulation with Vijaya (Medical Cannabis).

As per the reference, there are many indications ascribed to the formulation and is rightly said as – “Roganam Nischaya Kshyam” reduce all kind of imbalances in the body and mind. But as per the experience and knowledge of practicing Vaidyas like Attingal Vaidyars, this formulation has much more benefits than just mentioned in the reference.

According to them when the formulation is prepared after processing the 64 Ingredients as per ancients text and experience like shodhana, this will give enhanced benefit like improvement of skin complexion and tone, increase energy levels with youthful life. The word Madana here refers to “God of Love” while Kama refers to “Desire”. The whole word is aptly gives a thinking of a life full of desire that becomes true with youthful life along with accomplishment of a Happy Physical relationship.

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The formulation known as Madanakameshwari Rasayana or Chaturajata Rasayana is the one that is taken from the text Sahasrayoga which is actually a text with 1000 formulations compiled by various physicians especially belonging to the region of Southern states of India. The text is believed to be written during 1192 AD and is part of the science that has been in vogue from 5000 years namely AYURVEDA. The formulation has 64 ingredients as mentioned in the attached ingredient list.

The formulation is endowed with many indications and as per the reference it is known as a boon to mankind for having a long and healthy life even though it is mainly concentrated on the sexual aspect of human being. Hence, it is said as “Roganam Nischaya Kshyam” reduce all kind of imbalances in the body and mind. 

Moreover, as Shukra dhatu which is the last one among the dhatu (tissues) as per Ayurveda is only able to get nourished when all the other dhatu (tissues) are nourished. Thus, any formulation which is aimed at this dhatu (tissue) will surely be giving a overall improvement of strength and nourishment. Hence, this formulation will be a good rejuvenator and aphrodisiac to the recipient.

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