Nutrition is the basic need of the body for the purpose of sustainability and development. This is usually provided by food that we take which undergoes digestion and then assimilate into our body tissues. But at times these food substances fail to provide the much needed nutrition due to various causes like improper digestion, improper metabolism, etc. Hence these are fulfilled by the help of supplements or else known as nutritional supplements. The action performed………CONTINUE READING


Arsha a medical condition that is equated to the condition known as piles and haemorrhoids mentioned in Allopathic medicine. It is one of the most disturbing conditions with intense pain and suffering. To counter this problem, Ayurveda has a very methodical approach. This approach is a very successful one and is currently one of the most preferred one also. There are many approaches in Ayurveda where the category of medicaments known as ARSHOGHNA is being………CONTINUE READING